We like to tell stories through our projects. They are unique and filled with life.

We value the functional work environment that pave the way for innovative business, encourage creativity, motivate employees, are proud of their owners and generate incredible experience for the clients.

DU is architecture for work, business, retail and happiness


Corporate projects for different business and segments such as offices, clubs, hospitals, shopping malls and others.

clientsGrou Inovação para Gestão de Pessoas, Associação Leopoldina Juvenil, Fragata Futebol Clube, Hospital Moinhos de Vento, Grupo Zaffari, Viva Open Mall, Colégio Província de São Pedro, Colégio La Salle.


Commercial projects for restaurants, coffee shops, bars and other food and beverage business specialized in industrial kitchens with knowledge of surveillance and fire brigade regulations and architecture of flows.

We develop Kids Projects that reflect the children’s perspective to play. We detail each toy or decoration piece to create a playful and magic environment following all safety regulations.

clients Z Café, Dado Bier, Dado Pub, Dado Garden Grill, Daimu, Sushi Drive, Positano Café, Villeneuve Caffé, Garoupa, Dado Kids, Guma Casa de Festas, Mini Mundo.


Functional retail projects focusing on the brand and product. We believe architecture is a strong ally to sell products.

clients Neugebauer, Alline Gon, Nail Express.


Original residential projects. Our residential and interior design projects favor the functional aspect of real life. Our home must be the most comfortable place to be and live in.

These are projects developed by many hands. We take our ideas and expertise to the clients and they participate with their stories. The result is unique projects and happy families.


DU99 is a bold project. Restless and curious Aline shares experiences outside Architecture through the Creative Experiences blog. Such experiences inspire her. And in one of such experiences DU99 came up to make architecture available to everyone.

Research reveals that only 1% of the population has access to an architect. DU wants to add 99. But how? It’s simple. Together with one purpose we can make a difference.

When a deal is closed with DU, the client can refer a person or place that needs help. DU collects materials and donations with partners. Clients and suppliers participate the way they can – by actively collaborating or donating.

We believe the DU/Client/Supplier relation can be strengthened by participating in a unique win-win experience.




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